Fitness Programs


corporate Training

We offer corporate training for all types of organizations.  Get your team into shape, mentally and physically.

Team Training

Our experience working at the college and high school levels will help help your team achieve its fitness goals.  Training is available for all age groups from youth through professional.

Personal training

Briglio Strength has a personal training program for every type of body. Whether you are a beginner or expert, we can customize a plan to get your body performing at its maximum capacity.

Group Training

Get a group together and we will help you select a fitness program that will get everyone into the best shape of their lives! 

Training for All Fitness Levels

No matter what your level of fitness, Briglio Strength can work with you to achieve your goals. Let us design a custom workout perfect for you.

Sports Performance

Training specialized for athletic performance at all levels from youth to professional athletes. State-of-the-art methods that are used by Strength Coaches at the highest levels of athletics.  A combination of strength/explosiveness training, speed and agility, and corrective/recovery. 

Corrective Exercise

Programs designed specifically to improve body posture and correct muscular imbalances.  Ideal for clients recovering from injuries or nagging pains caused by poor posture.  Also great for athletes for injury prevention and improving movement efficiency. The program is based on NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification.

Body Recomposition

Overall body transformation. Gaining muscle mass/ strength while losing fat.  A combination of training methods is used along with a customized program to achieve the client’s desired body. Commonly a combination of strength training methods and High-Intensity Interval Training is used. Additionally, corrective exercise, yoga, and stretching is also involved in a session

Speed, Agility, and Acceleration

in  We provide training the art of running faster and more efficiently


Beginner yoga and mobility work is offered.


Training in the Sport of Weightlifting. Programs will be based on the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.  Beginning classes all the way to competitive levels.

Tactical Strength and Conditioning

Fitness related to tactical professions such as law enforcement, firefighting, and military work.  Training to prepare for qualification tests and additionally for on-the-job performance.


Strength training involving primarily the Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press. Clients can learn from beginning levels all the way to being able to compete in the sport of powerlifting.


Online Coaching

 (Not recommended for beginners) Individualized workout programs can be prescribed through the Train Heroic app. Videos of each exercise are provided and clients and coaches can provide direct feedback in real time.


Clients can choose their level of training in the sport of Crossfit. Levels range from new beginners interested in learning from scratch all the way to a competition level.

Get in shape today

Let us bring the gym to you! Schedule your first personal  training session today.



“Coach Briglio goes above and beyond when designing and implementing workout programs for his clients. He takes the time to incorporate the client’s interests, strengths, weaknesses, and personal attributes to the workout for added effectiveness. Definitely not your average cut and dry coach"


"Coach Brigs is brilliant, humble, strong, creative, and knowledgeable. All traits and attributes you want in a professional coach. He is also a straight shooter, tells you how it is and backs up his teaching by doing; which is a rarity these days. Ben is constantly learning, evolving and perfecting his craft; trying to be even better for his clients. If you want results and life-changing fitness,  Ben is your man.  Coach Briglio is the best in the game. There is no one better. Plain and simple.”

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" I can truly say that in 40 years I have never worked with a more capable coach than Mr. Briglio. His knowledge, organizational skills, university education in sports/exercise physiology, background as working with the Stanford football team, and other impressive qualifications, make an enormous difference. I highly recommend Briglio Strength Training."

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“We found Coach Ben when my son wanted to work on becoming a better Quarterback. Ben is very professional when scheduling sessions. He is quick to respond to texts, works around our schedule for sessions and is willing to travel to where is convenient for us. During the sessions, Coach Ben has worked so well with my 13 year old son. Ben is motivating and kind but also worked my son hard in skills but also in strength training, giving my son the general knowledge of how to strengthen and take care of his body. But not only was he wonderful with my son, if I needed a trainer, I would choose Ben for myself and my husband. Ben is easy to work with and is an experienced and motivating trainer. I highly recommend Coach Ben!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does training take place?

At your home, the park,...... we can take our gym anywhere! If there is no preference, Mission Bay Park and Fiesta Island are always my favorite options.

Am I too (blank) to be trained by you?

I have a vast background in training nearly all kinds of people. I have experience training children all the way up to the elderly.

Do you provide corporate training?

Yes! I can train up to 6 people at once. Sessions can take place in the parking lot of the business or at nearby parks.

How often should I train?

 For most clients training is recommended 2-3 times weekly. Some may benefit from more often sessions but it is also common to train once a week if that is the client's wishes

What are your payment methods?

I currently accept cash, checks, and Venmo.

Would you work with a team?

Yes! I have multiple years of experience as a sports performance coach for teams.  I have worked with athletes at the highest levels and would love to take on training your team! I can bring my gym right up to your practice field or school or have everyone meet at a nearby park. 


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Mobile Gym Hours

Monday-Friday:  6:30am - 8:00pm

Saturday: By Appointment Only

Sunday: By Appointment Only

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