We are proud and thrilled to help Milan transform his body. Please read his amazing testimonial below.

“Briglio Strength training has truly been transformative for me. I am a 63-year-old college professor and scientist-engineer who could not touch his toes, perform one pull-up, and had limited strength and flexibility due to arthritis. All this even though I was a runner, swimmer, and regularly went to the gym. I felt physiologically aged. However, via a superbly thought out and organized series of exercises, which were strength-oriented, and personalized, I regained the physique and abilities I had 20 years ago. I can now do multiple pullups, touch my toes, effectively rotate my torso, and move with a degree of balance and stamina that had gradually left me. I feel significantly younger, and my aerobic capacity has increased to a surprising degree, even though I am a runner and swimmer. I can eat much more now without gaining weight.

Customized strength training was clearly the missing element. The exercise sessions are a pleasurable respite from life, an engaging mix of novel strength activities, music, and wide-ranging, erudite, and fun conversation. I can truly say that in 40 years I have never worked with a more capable coach than Mr. Briglio. His knowledge, organizational skills, university education in sports/exercise physiology, background as working with the Stanford football team, and other impressive qualifications, make an enormous difference. I highly recommend Briglio Strength Training. If you put in the time and effort, and certainly you have to do your part, you will be guided, taught, and ultimately rewarded with impressive and exciting results.” – Milan