We were thrilled to be able to help our client, Jon, as he prepared for the military. Please read his testimonial to find out more.

“ I was fortunate to have Ben Briglio as my strength and conditioning coach in the Summer of 2019 as I was preparing to join the military. As someone who has jumped around from workout program to workout program, I can 100% recommend training with Briglio Strength. Many of our workouts consisted of strength, power, endurance, and mobility/functional movements. After I finished with Ben, not only was I a physical specimen, but, I was equipped with the knowledge and confidence to further continue my training and preparation. 

Coach Brigs is brilliant, humble, strong, creative, and knowledgeable. All traits and attributes you want in a professional coach. He is also a straight shooter, tells you how it is and backs up his teaching by doing; which is a rarity these days. Ben is constantly learning, evolving and perfecting his craft; trying to be even better for his clients. 

If you want results and life-changing fitness,  Ben is your man. 

Coach Briglio is the best in the game. There is no one better. Plain and simple.”