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Our Aquatics Program

Growing up in an ocean lifeguard family on the South Shore of Long Island, Ben Briglio has a wealth of experience in several aquatic fields.

Aquatics Resume

  • Town of Hempstead (NY) Ocean Lifeguard 2012-2019
  • Ocean Lifeguard Lieutenant 2017-2019
  • United Lifesaving Association National Championships 2x Bronze Medalist
  • United Lifesaving Association Mid Atlantic Regional Championships Gold Medalist
  • American Red Cross CPR/First Aid Certified

Elementary Swim Lessons

Ages 3 and up. Private swim lessons from the comfort of your own home. Basics of blowing bubbles, floating, trading water and basic safety skills up to mastering the 4 main swimming strokes. No prior swimming experience needed

Ocean Lifeguard Skill Training

Serving Central Florida’s Coastal Towns. Learn basic to advanced ocean lifeguarding skills including but not limited to surfboard rescues, torp rescues, scenario practice, etc.

Ocean Safety Instruction

Done either at the beach or at home. Lessons about how rip currents work and how to escape them safely. Information and tips about how to get a lifeguard’s attention in the water if in trouble, etc.

Surfing Lessons

Learn the basics of paddling, catching, and standing up on waves.

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Mobile Gym Hours

Monday-Friday:  6:30am - 8:00pm

Saturday: By Appointment Only

Sunday: By Appointment Only

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