“We cannot say enough fantastic stuff about Ben Briglio! He has been working for over 4 months with our daughter, a freshman in high school. She never complains about getting up for her 5:30 am workouts 2 days a week, and her 7:30 am workouts on Saturdays. In fact, she looks forward to them! He took a kid who was wanting to be in better shape but was lacking motivation/ the ability to stick to it and helped her grow into a powerhouse. She is so strong and fit now! Most importantly she is incredibly proud and significantly more confident. Ben knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s not a “physical trainer” who got some certificate and runs around making people lift arbitrary weights. He’s extremely knowledgeable in how the body works and safe methods to become stronger. He is adamant about proper form, which was a huge relief for us as parents.

“Ben is a pleasure to be around as well. He makes it very easy to maintain a schedule and works with bumps in the schedule (track meets, spring break, etc…) effortlessly. He always shows up with a smile and ready to get to it-the perfect balance of knowing when to push and knowing when one has truly had enough (heat, tired, etc..). He’s a gem and we feel so blessed to have him at our home three times a week.”

-Judy, Mom of Claire, age 14